Vanguard Drive Panel Box


You’ve really got just a few choices:

You can wing it and hope you don’t have a trench collapse. And potentially get a visit from OSHA…

Or you can use wood lagging and hydraulic pumps shoring, but this is very time-consuming and not the most productive way.

Or you can get your hands on a Kundel Vanguard Drive Panel box. This is the Big Brother of the V Panel Aluminum Box. Made up of 24″ wide interlocking vertical panels, it’s as easy as loosening and sliding up any panel that has a pipe or other obstruction in its way as you lower the box into the trench. Spend your time getting the pipe in the ground or making your lateral connection, not dealing with an unstable trench!

So simple, it really is genius…

Once again, leave it to Kundel to make you more productive! Contact us today to rent or buy your trench boxes.

VanGuard shoring system

We’ll help keep the trench, & OSHA…off your back!



The Vanguard Drive Panel Box is one of our premium steel trench boxes. While even our basic steel trench box model, the Basic Series Kundel Box, is well ahead of the competition, this particular unit takes things to a whole other level.

Light Weight

One of the biggest issues construction workers have with trench boxes is being unable to make adjustments to their position. The light weight nature of this trench box gets around that problem.


Kundel trench boxes are reinforced in areas that have to withstand more stress. This makes them more durable than the competition, and a huge benefit on the job site.

At North East Shoring Corp., Inc., we’re focused on keeping the trench and OSHA off your back.

You’re in the middle of a job, and it’s tough to keep everyone safe. A construction site requires everyone to be on high alert all the time. So, you’re stressed and trying to keep people working while also following safety guidelines to the best of your ability. After decades of excavation and trench shoring experience, North East Shoring Corp., Inc. knows what you’re going through. Just know you’re not alone in finding the absolute best trench boxes for your operation.

Imagine calling a trench box company and renting what you need in a single phone call. Think about how easy it would be to plan the rest of your job if you could guarantee when your trench boxes would be on-site. Just picture how quickly and efficiently your crews could work with the proper boxes and equipment. You can stop dreaming and buy or rent trench boxes from North East Shoring Corp., Inc. right now. It’s only a phone call away.