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A36 1″ Steel Street plates


You want to find a trustworthy company that can deliver road plates quickly and easily. And you’re in search of affordable rentals. Know that you have a friend in the road plate business. Across the state of Massachusetts, construction and excavation crews need road plates, trench equipment, and more to get their jobs completed.


At North East Shoring Corp., Inc., we’re focused on keeping the trench and OSHA off your back.
When you’re in the middle of a project, it’s tough to keep everyone safe and working. That’s why you rely on equipment like steel sreet plates. They cover hazards so that your crew members do not fall or injure themselves while working. What’s more, road plates can be used to help passersby move through the construction safely and effectively. So, when you choose which company to use for these road plates, trust North East Shoring Corp., Inc.

Imagine making a single phone call to an equipment company that provides road plates and getting what you need without the hassle. Imagine having road plates delivered to your job site on time so that you can get your crews started on their work. Just picture how efficient and effective your projects would be if you had all the equipment. You don’t have to imagine it happening. You can trust North East Shoring Corp., Inc. to take care of all your road plate needs. Connect with us today!

Road Plates to Keep Your Crews Safe

A huge concern for construction sites, whether for the roads, building, and more is the safety of the crew and passing civilians. Whether you’re going to work on a road construction project or you’re building a new housing development, road plates primary goal is to keep those around the site safe. Falling into a trench or hole can be devastating. So, it’s important you protect your crew and the civilians that may need to pass through your construction zone to get to their destination.

As a trench and road plate equipment company, North East Shoring Corp., Inc. is here to serve you and your needs. We want your crews and those around your site to remain safe at all times. If you haven’t seen it yet, our tagline is “we keep the trench and OSHA off your back.” How can we promise that? We work to provide and deliver high-quality road plates and shoring equipment to you so that you can keep your people safe.

Here are the other reasons why you should work with North East Shoring Corp., Inc.:

First-Hand Experience

If you’re looking for a shoring equipment company that has experience, you found the right one. North East Shoring Corp., Inc. has decades of first-hand experience in the trenches, on the excavators, through projects. When you choose us, you’re not getting another sales person like all the other companies out there. You are getting veteran construction experience to help you choose the best road plates for your project.

Decades of Business Experience

Our first-hand experience isn’t the only thing we offer. Our team is full of business experience. This means that while you’re asking us about road plates, we’re looking for ways to make your project — and potentially business — more profit. Our success is based on your success, because your work gives us someone to rent or sell road plates to.

We Help You Become More Profitable

The combined first-hand experience and business knowledge offers you a unique opportunity. When you work with North East Shoring Corp., Inc., you get more than an equipment company. You get a partner in business. While we may not have a stake in your company, we still strive to help you become more profitable. How can we do that? We keep our equipment prices competitive, we offer advice when asked, and we help you get your job done.

Why You Should Rent Your Steel Road Plates

It’s common for contractors and project managers to buy their road plates. They want to pay once for the continuous use of their equipment. While this is a smart decision on the surface, it may cost you more than renting road plates. Consider the cost of maintenance, repairs, inspections, and shipping. You have to pay for all of those things in either time or money to keep your road plates in proper functioning order.

Here are the advantages of renting your trench boxes:

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You may pay more for rental up front, but you are more likely to pay less over time. The cost to maintain, repair, inspect, and transport your road plates can cost you a ton. This is why renting is a great option. You pay for the use of the road plates, but the business you rent from takes care of the rest: maintenance, repairs, transportation, and more.
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How much time does it take to figure out logistics for your project? It’s a big chunk of time, right? So, why would you add more stress to your project with the addition of managing the logistics of road plates? Road plates are pretty simple to transport, but you need heavy equipment to load and unload them. You need a tractor-trailer to transport them. And you need to have your driver take the time to pickup and drop off the plates. There’s a lot of time spent just to get plates to and from your job sites. Why not pay for someone to spend this time for you?
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North East Shoring Corp takes you and your crews’ safety seriously. Our primary goal is to keep you safe while you work. In that, we want to make your business more profitable through the use of our road plates and other equipment. This means that if we can keep your crew safe and working, you’re making money.


You need road plates to cover trenches or holes to keep your crew and potential passersby safe. It’s no surprise that a construction site, whether road, plot, or otherwise, can be dangerous. What you probably know is that road plates are a great way to cover hazardous areas, but what you probably didn’t know is that road plates have many more benefits than safety alone.

Here are the seven benefits of renting or buying road plates for your operation:

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Enhanced Safety Around Trench

It can be devastating to have a crew member get injured. If they fall into a trench, a hole, or trip, it can mean a complete halt to your project. And if workers are producing, you’re not making money. Road plates help keep your project safe for your crew to continue working effectively and efficiently.
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Protect Your Crew

What is one of your greatest assets as a business owner? If you said people, you answered correctly. Your people are what drive your deliverables for your client. Many think that sales are the most valuable position in a company. While sales get you the deal, they don’t deliver on the deal. It’s a one-two combination that you need to actually be a thriving, growing business. At North East Shoring Corp., Inc., we know this because we have decades of experience in business and first-hand construction projects.
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Follow Regulations and Standards

At North East Shoring Corp., Inc., we keep the trench and OSHA off your back. You understand what that means, but you may also be wondering how we do that for you. Our road plates are one piece of safety equipment that you can use to keep OSHA happy. What’s more, road plates can keep people from falling or tripping into trenches or holes that then could lead to further injury. Regulations and standards are in place for a reason, and we help make it easier for you to meet them.
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Get Plates Delivered

When you choose to partner with North East Shoring Corp., Inc., you can get your road plates delivered to your site. This is a massive benefit because of the cost to transport your own plates. You can simply partner with us to do the work for you.
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High Strength

Most road plates will get the job done for your project. It all depends on who you want to work with — mostly. However, North East Shoring Corp offers A36 grade steel so that you can know your holes and trenches are covered. Keep your crews safe!
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Cost Effective

We encourage you to do the math. What does it cost to rent a road plate versus buying one that you have to maintain, repair, transport, and so much more. If the numbers look better to buy, we'll be more than happy to get you the road plates you need. Otherwise, we encourage you to rent road plates to save money and time on your projects.
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Better Shoring Operations

If you’re looking for ways to increase your shoring operation speeds, road plates are a great way to do just that. Making safety a focus on your job increases worker production and trust in your ability to lead. With more buy-in to complete the project as efficiently and effectively as possible, your operations will speed up simply by increasing safety.

What to Expect From North East Shoring Corp

Your choice to work with North East Shoring Corp., Inc. comes with more than the equipment you rent or buy. You gain a partner when you choose us. Our team is dedicated to your success, and we’re focused on finding ways to make your business more profitable. There are a number of things to expect when you choose us as your road plate company

We serve many different industries with our road plates, and we want you to know that. Here are those industries:

  • Construction
  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Installation of tank
  • Conduit installation and repair
  • Nuclear plants
  • Sewer repairs
  • Water main
  • Manhole
  • Pump stations
  • Cured-In-Place (CIPP) liner projects
  • Ground water removal
  • Emergency response

We strive to deliver the absolute best in road plates, as well as customer service to make your business more profitable.

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First Contact

How do you start the conversation with North East Shoring Corp., Inc.? You contact us through a means that’s comfortable to you. You can call, email, or send smoke signals (whatever works) to get our attention. And remember that we’re here for you. We expect you to call, because we want to help you.

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Let’s Talk

Once you’re on a consultation call with one of our team members, we’re looking to help you get the road plates you need to be successful. We’ll look at renting and buying options. We’ll get your location specifics, weight needs, and more. Our process is comprehensive so that you don't have to worry about anything once you rent or buy from us. We do all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.
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Buy or Rent?

As mentioned earlier, you will probably consider renting or buying. While each has its advantages, North East Shoring Corp encourages you to rent your road plates. When we get to this conversation, we’ll explain why it’s so beneficial to rent over buying. Unless you have the infrastructure to take care of your road plates, renting is the easiest solution to your problem.
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The Contract

Now that we have all your information, what you need for your project, and your decision to buy or rent, we will then discuss the contract. We’ll both sign the contract. Our contract agreements are fair and straightforward. We dislike all the legal mumbo-jumbo just as much as you do.
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The Partnership

At North East Shoring Corp., Inc., we’re constantly trying to make partners with industry professionals and experts. Not only do we want to continue to deliver our product to them, but we also want to help them make their businesses profitable. So, if you want an industry expert, as well as a road plate equipment company, in your corner. Let’s talk. We’re more than happy to do what we can to assist you and your business.

Connect with North East Shoring Corp., Inc. today to get the road plates you need.

At North East Shoring Corp., Inc., we’re focused on keeping the trench and OSHA off your back.

You’re in the middle of a job, and it’s tough to keep everyone safe. A construction site requires everyone to be on high alert all the time. So, you’re stressed and trying to keep people working while also following safety guidelines to the best of your ability. After decades of excavation and trench shoring experience, North East Shoring Corp., Inc. knows what you’re going through. Just know you’re not alone in finding the absolute best trench boxes for your operation.

Imagine calling a trench box company and renting what you need in a single phone call. Think about how easy it would be to plan the rest of your job if you could guarantee when your trench boxes would be on-site. Just picture how quickly and efficiently your crews could work with the proper boxes and equipment. You can stop dreaming and buy or rent trench boxes from North East Shoring Corp., Inc. right now. It’s only a phone call away.