Manhole Trench Boxes

Manhole Trench Boxes

An all-steel trench shield designed for total manhole protection. The Titan Series Manhole Shield is the first of its kind to offer on the job benefits, such shelving to give you a staging area for pipe dope and laser targets. The shelving also gives you a place to support scaffolding for building structures in the trench. These innovative design features enhance trench safety and the production process, protecting your investment.


Veteran construction workers know that Kundel is a brand that can be trusted. With decades of experience designing and improving trench boxes, there are few companies that can compete with Kundel’s quality and workmanship. It’s because Kundel is so close to the construction industry that they are able to design manhole boxes with the functionality that they do. Just consider all of the features this product offers.


Added features are:

  • a 2’x2′ square cut-out on each panel to accommodate lateral pipes.
  • extra high tapers to clear your pipe & slide across your freshly-laid stone.
  • Internal shelving for pumps & tools.
  • Close ends w/ a plate or drop-on.
  • Kundel’s 100% continuously welded seams.

We’ll help keep the trench, & OSHA…off your back!


Manhole boxes are for any type of work in a trench. They add extra support in order to help prevent dangerous cave ins. Cave ins are where unstable dirt can collapse and fill a hole, including everything that is in the hole, such as workers. This can cause severe injury or even death. By investing in manhole trench boxes by Kundel, you’ll be able to ensure the dirt, once shored up, won’t move. Manhole boxes provide 360-degree support. They are easy to install, are extremely sturdy, and they get the job done. They come in a number of different sizes in order to suit your needs. In addition, manhole boxes offer your workers peace of mind, so when they are digging, laying pipe or wiring, or any other trench work, they can feel safe and secure.


Located in Norton, MA, North East Shoring Corp., Inc. has been providing the best trench boxes and street plates from Kundel since 1995. We can help you choose the shoring equipment that best suits your needs. As a family-owned company, we are dedicated to ensuring your needs are met. We offer personal service and efficient delivery and/or pick up of our shoring equipment. If you are in need of manhole boxes or any of our other products, reach out today!

At North East Shoring Corp., Inc., we’re focused on keeping the trench and OSHA off your back.

You’re in the middle of a job, and it’s tough to keep everyone safe. A construction site requires everyone to be on high alert all the time. So, you’re stressed and trying to keep people working while also following safety guidelines to the best of your ability. After decades of excavation and trench shoring experience, North East Shoring Corp., Inc. knows what you’re going through. Just know you’re not alone in finding the absolute best trench boxes for your operation.

Imagine calling a trench box company and renting what you need in a single phone call. Think about how easy it would be to plan the rest of your job if you could guarantee when your trench boxes would be on-site. Just picture how quickly and efficiently your crews could work with the proper boxes and equipment. You can stop dreaming and buy or rent trench boxes from North East Shoring Corp., Inc. right now. It’s only a phone call away.