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The major concern for any construction or excavation operation is to keep the crew safe and working. If trenches aren’t being dug or pipes being laid, money is not being made. The constant pressure to push your crew to work while also keeping them safe is a common concern for contractors and project managers. So, North East Shoring Corp., Inc. helps keep the trench and OSHA off your back with the superior technology of Kundel trench boxes.

road plates


You need road plates to cover trenches or holes to keep your crew and potential passersby safe. It’s no surprise that a construction site, whether road, plot, or otherwise, can be dangerous. What you probably know is that road plates are a great way to cover hazardous areas, but what you probably didn’t know is that road plates have many more benefits than safety alone.

overhead crane


As one of the only overhead bridge crane dealers in New England, we’re here to partner with you to increase safety, production, and profits. We’re one of the safest most technologically advanced lifting equipment companies on the east coast. You can’t afford to have an on-site accident derail your operation. This is where North East Shoring Corp., Inc. and Kundel Cranes sets themselves apart from the competition. We actually care about you, your crew, and your operation.

Why Kundel Trench Boxes From North East Shoring Corp., Inc.?

Robert Kundel Sr. comes from a long line of pipe laying contractors and road builders in Ohio. In 1985 he decided that since he wasn’t getting the features and benefits in the boxes available from any box builders, he would design and build his own. He was determined to create shoring tools that would give him the ability to increase safety, productivity, and profit. And thus, the ever-expanding Kundel line-up was born. When you combine this heritage with the local knowledge of experienced excavators as dealers, you get the best option for a trench shoring source. Contact us today to rent or buy your Kundel trench boxes.

North East Shoring Corp., Inc…

  • Is family-owned, not a giant corporation.
  • Is experienced excavators, not ex-shoe salesmen.
  • Is the only New England company selling Kundel brand trench boxes, the best conceived, designed & built!

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Being centrally located in Norton, MA allows for fast and efficient delivery of shoring and trench equipment through-out New England of any size trench box or street plate. Our goal is to make your trench shoring operation safe and efficient, and your dealings with us hassle-free.

We approach every street plate rental, trench box rental job or box sale from the perspective of “what can we do to make your project not only safer but more efficient & profitable as well?” Contact us today!



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