The Role of Aluminum Trench Shoring in Trench Safety

Construction companies deal with a variety of hazards every day in their operations, some of which are inherent to the nature of their work. One of these hazards is trenching, where a number of construction workers lose their lives every year. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that, on average, 40 construction workers die annually in trenching, partly because of trenching cave-ins. The role of trench shoring is to prevent these cave-ins, protect workers, and ensure a safe and efficient work area. This article will explore the importance of aluminum trench shoring for construction companies.

What is the purpose of trench shoring?

Trench shoring is a protective system used to prevent soil cave-ins and maintain trench stability during excavation work. It includes installing supports and shielding to prevent soil from collapsing into the trench.

You can also use trench shoring to help reduce the risk of flooding or damage to nearby structures and enhance the overall safety of your worksite.

What is aluminum hydraulic shoring for trenches?

Aluminum hydraulic shoring is a type of trench shoring that is durable, lightweight, and easy to install. The draw for aluminum over other shoring materials, like steel, is most notably its weight.

It is made from high-strength aluminum and provides a reliable and safe system for trench excavation. This shoring system is designed to support trench walls and prevent soil collapse in all types of soil.

At Kundel Industries, we only supply aluminum hydraulic shoring approved by OSHA because safety is our top priority. Plus, our products often go above and beyond the competition in terms of safety. The TrenchJack™ kits, for example, can come with an optional TrenchLock™ safety system and other features that traditional shoring systems don’t have.

What is the importance of shoring trench?


The importance of trench shoring cannot be overstated due to the risks involved with trenching. Trench safety must come first and foremost on job sites.

Shoring has multiple benefits, including the prevention of trench cave-ins and providing support for workers and equipment. Trench shoring mitigates the risk of expensive damages, worksite downtime due to cave-ins or accidents, and, most importantly, reduces the risk of injury to your workers.

What are the benefits of shoring in construction?


There are several benefits of trench shoring in construction, the most obvious being the prevention of soil cave-ins and reducing the risk of injury. You’ll also reduce downtime due to accidents, and provide reliable support and structure for your workers and equipment.

As a more removed benefit, trench shoring can improve your relationship with clients as it ensures excavation work remains on schedule. It also provides efficiency and productivity benefits to your construction company.

By having a trench safety plan and implementing trench shoring best practices, your construction company can not only ensure safety on your sites but also improve the quality of your work.

What is the preferred method of shoring trenches?

The industry-preferred method of shoring trenches is aluminum hydraulic trench shoring. Notably, this is due to the material’s weight.

Aluminum trench shoring allows construction workers to work with lighter materials. If you have steel shoring, you also need to consider the equipment to lift the steel. Aluminum shoring, on the other hand, is much lighter and easier to maneuver.

While steel trenches are large and durable, they are extremely heavy. Aluminum is generally easier to install, though it is typically used in smaller depths such as 8-10 feet.

Aluminum hydraulic shoring systems are also more cost-effective and require minimal maintenance. These systems can improve efficiency and reduce the risk of costly accidents.

Cost-effective and safe

Construction companies must prioritize safety in their trench work processes but they must also consider factors such as equipment weight. Aluminum trench shoring is an essential part of both of these priorities.

Aluminum trench shoring protects workers, provides stable support, and ensures all excavation work is done efficiently. It also is more cost-efficient compared to alternatives like steel due to its ease of installation.


Construction companies can invest in aluminum trench shoring to enhance the safety and quality of their trench work while also reducing costs and maintaining an efficient work schedule.