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Trench Boxes

Get High Quality Trench and Shoring Equipment Quickly and Easily


You want to find a trustworthy company that can deliver trench boxes to your site. And you’re in search of the best deal possible. Know that you’re not alone. Across New England, excavation and construction crews are in need of trench boxes, trench equipment, and so much more to get their jobs done.

steel box


Steel Boxes are designed and built with nothing but the contractor in mind. This series trench box brings the most innovative, productive and longest-lasting trench shields available to the market.


Aluminum trench boxes offer light-weight, modular solutions for repair and maintenance work. With today’s high demand for safety and versatility, North East Shoring has you covered.


Atlas Earth Support boxes defy the laws of physics to solve shoring problems and make excavation safer and easier. These trench shields have solved the shortcomings of competitor shoring equipment and are priced affordably.

North East Shoring Corp., Inc. serves a wide variety of industries with our trench box systems.

  • Construction
  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Installation of tank
  • Conduit installation and repair
  • Nuclear plants
  • Sewer repairs
  • Water main
  • Manhole
  • Pump stations
  • Cured-In-Place (CIPP) liner projects
  • Ground water removal
  • Emergency response

We strive to deliver the absolute best in trench boxes and equipment to help your business become more profitable — and keep your workforce safe.


The major concern for any construction or excavation operation is to keep the crew safe and working. If trenches aren’t being dug or pipes being laid, money isnot being made. The constant pressure to push your crew to work while also keeping them safe is a common concern for contractors and project managers. So, North East Shoring Corp., Inc. helps keep the trench and OSHA off your back with the superior technology of Kundel trench boxes.

Here are the other reasons why you should work with North East Shoring Corp:

    #1. Trench Boxes Born From Real-World Experience

    North East Shoring Corp and Kundel Industries have both been in the excavation, pipe laying, and utility business for decades prior to getting involved in designing, manufacturing and selling trench shoring equipment. As a result, every product we design, make and sell is meant to be more durable, ergonomically correct and compatible with the forces of physics involved in earthwork. This promotes both safeties and productivity, making you more profitable! In every industry, there are those that compete strictly on low price, at the cost of quality. This definitely is not us.

    #2. Decades of Business Experience

    Not only do we have a ton of industry experience, we’re also great business people. Our business has served the northeast for years, and we’ve worked with some of the biggest excavation companies, as well as more locally focused companies. Our mission is to keep the trench and OSHA off your back. Safety and production are our main focus. We leverage our business experience to help you make the best trench box rental or buying decision possible.

    #3. We Help You Become More Profitable

    With many years in the business from running trucks, excavators, dozers, building roads, etc., North Shore Shoring Corp is uniquely positioned to help your business become more profitable. Our trench boxes and truck delivery services get you the trench equipment you need on time and at an affordable price. Whether you buy or rent from us, we help move your operation forward.


    You need trench boxes for your excavation, pipe laying, or other construction project. You want to rent the boxes. And you think you can find a great deal with a great company. If you believe there are great companies out there still, you would be right. North East Shoring Corp., Inc. is your #1 trench box provider in the northeast. Operating in the North East USA, our team provides hundreds of companies the opportunity to rent or buy top-tier trench boxes from us.

    Why You Should Rent Your Trench Boxes

    It’s common for contractors and project managers to want to buy rather than rent their trench boxes. It makes sense, right? If you buy, then the rental cost actually goes into equity for you. But lets look at some of the other disadvantages and costs of owning:

    Here are the advantages of renting your trench boxes:

    #1. Selection

    First is the lack of selection that comes with owning just one box. We have a huge selection of the latest & the best trench shoring equipment. Get exactly what you need with just a phone call.

    #2. Cost

    Yes, you will pay more for the rental, but you won’t pay for the delivery service, maintenance, repairs, or storing it. Renting a trench box is like buying a home. You see the mortgage payment, but there are dozens of invisible costs you don’t see until after the paperwork is signed and the house is in your name. The same goes for trench boxes. They are designed for heavy, hard work, but you have to do the work to keep them maintained and in proper working order. You have to pick up, ship, and dropoff to each and every job site. You have to repair them when they break. All of that cost adds up when you could just rent.

    #3. Time

    How long does it take to manage the logistics of freight? If you don’t already have partnerships, your own tractor-trailer, or your own partnership, buying your own trench boxes could mean more expenses for you. While the team at North East Shoring Corp., Inc. wants to sell you trench boxes, we believe in getting you the solution you need.


    With North East Shoring Corp., Inc., you get more than a trench box and equipment company. When you choose us, you get a business partner. Our mission is not just about getting our sales numbers up to avoid getting fired, its all about keeping the crew safe and productive so the job remains profitable. So, if we are to continue to support you and your business endeavors, we need to stay in contact with you.

    At North East Shoring Corp., Inc., we’re focused on keeping the trench and OSHA off your back.

    You’re in the middle of a job, and it’s tough to keep everyone safe. A construction site requires everyone to be on high alert all the time. So, you’re stressed and trying to keep people working while also following safety guidelines to the best of your ability. After decades of excavation and trench shoring experience, North East Shoring Corp., Inc. knows what you’re going through. Just know you’re not alone in finding the absolute best trench boxes for your operation.

    Imagine calling a trench box company and renting what you need in a single phone call. Think about how easy it would be to plan the rest of your job if you could guarantee when your trench boxes would be on-site. Just picture how quickly and efficiently your crews could work with the proper boxes and equipment. You can stop dreaming and buy or rent trench boxes from North East Shoring Corp., Inc. right now. It’s only a phone call away.


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