Need Shoring Equipment? 3 Reasons to Rent


Excavating is a dangerous job that requires a lot of safety measures to be in place for the protection of those in the trench. If your Boston-area construction company does trenching regularly, you may be wondering if purchasing safety equipment is the best financial move or if renting shoring equipment is a viable solution. Here are three reasons why renting is likely your best option.

Only Pay For What You Need

One of the biggest benefits to renting in any scenario is the flexibility of only paying for what you need. In the case of shoring equipment, trench boxes, cranes, and road plates are very heavy and very large. To transport them from job site to job site requires heavy-duty tractor-trailers, and, as you can see, to simply own the equipment gets costly before you even attempt to use them! Additionally, as jobs vary in equipment needs, if you purchase your own shoring equipment, you’ll have to have a variety of pieces. When you rent shoring equipment you get the benefits of getting the pieces you need for the job delivered, and you only pay for the pieces you use — no storage or transportation costs! Protecting your bottom line is almost as important as protecting your employees, keep the trench off both when you rent from North East Shoring.

Avoid the Hassle

As with any large equipment that’s used in construction, wear and tear are fairly significant, and a single job can put a trench box or shield out of commission for repairs. When you and your crew have work to do, you don’t want to spend your time conducting maintenance and repairs on shoring equipment, and you certainly don’t want to overlook the issue for the sake of pushing forward with the job. Avoid the hassle of maintaining, storing, and transporting heavy shoring equipment when you rent. The convenience factor alone is worth renting indefinitely.

Get the Best Equipment

While the shoring industry doesn’t evolve as rapidly as others, outdated equipment becomes an expensive burden you just don’t want to bear. When you rent your equipment, you can be sure you’re getting top-of-the-line products from the best brands in the name. Since shoring equipment rental companies often have to replace pieces or add to their collection regularly, you get the benefit of using new equipment with the latest features and technology rather than the brands and outdated pieces you can afford to purchase outright.

A few other benefits of renting over purchasing shoring equipment includes:

  • No storage space requirements
  • Get it delivered directly to your job site
  • Inspections and repairs handled by the rental company
  • OSHA compliance is guaranteed

At North East Shoring Co., we rent and sell the best shoring equipment in New England. To protect your bottom line and keep the trench (and OSHA) off your back, speak with one of our sales representatives about your trenching equipment needs today.