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About Us

North East Shoring Corp., Inc. Since 1995…

North East Shoring Corp., Inc. has been the only dealer for Kundel trench shoring products in the North East. Born of generations in the pipe laying, underground utility, and tank install business, all Kundel’s products are the result of making a better trench box based on real-world experience. Combined with this local dealer, and the owner, Dave Pateuk’s many years in the business from running trucks, excavators, dozers, building roads, etc., we are uniquely positioned to provide your project with the best shoring equipment and experienced perspective on how to approach each job… AND be more profitable!

Dave Pateuk

Dave Pateuk – Owner, Sales, etc…

Dave began his career in the construction industry in 1981 as a trailer dump driver, working for various excavation and construction companies in the Boston area. Over the years, he advanced from driver to excavator and dozer operator, then to crew foreman, and finally to project manager. In the late 1980s, Dave decided to venture out on his own.

In 1995, Dave partnered with Bob and Josh Kundel as their exclusive independent dealer for New England. This partnership has proven to be highly fortunate and beneficial for both parties—and our customers—ever since. With decades of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, Dave continues to be an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality service and expertise.

Cell: (617) 699-7298

Kris Barragan – Sales & Logistics

Kris, our Sales Manager, has over 25 years of experience in sales and customer service. She expertly manages the sales team and oversees daily sales operations. Kris can help you specify the right equipment and coordinate the delivery and pick-up of all your shipments.

Cell: (508) 654-0322

John Pateuk – Sales & Marketing

John has been a valuable member of our sales team for almost three years, handling both inbound and outbound sales. He also manages our digital marketing efforts, bringing a wealth of experience to help you with your equipment needs.

Cell: (774) 993-9531

Barb Fitzgerald – Office Manager

Barb manages all accounts receivable (A/R), accounts payable (A/P), and office-related functions. She is also responsible for HR, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Cell: (617) 738-1000

Jonathan Shea & Sean Hunsberger  – Yard Operations

Our yard team handles the daily operations outside of the office, including loading and unloading trucks, building trench boxes, and maintaining our equipment.

At North East Shoring Corp., Inc., we’re focused on keeping the trench and OSHA off your back.

You’re in the middle of a job, and it’s tough to keep everyone safe. A construction site requires everyone to be on high alert all the time. So, you’re stressed and trying to keep people working while also following safety guidelines to the best of your ability. After decades of excavation and trench shoring experience, North East Shoring Corp., Inc. knows what you’re going through. Just know you’re not alone in finding the absolute best trench boxes for your operation.

Imagine calling a trench box company and renting what you need in a single phone call. Think about how easy it would be to plan the rest of your job if you could guarantee when your trench boxes would be on-site. Just picture how quickly and efficiently your crews could work with the proper boxes and equipment. You can stop dreaming and buy or rent trench boxes from North East Shoring Corp., Inc. right now. It’s only a phone call away.


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